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General Dentistry In Savannah, GA

Forsyth Park Dental strives to offer individualized, compassionate, gentle dental care to our entire patients. We are the dental caregiver for families and individuals in Savannah, GA, from the young to the old. Further, we have highly-qualified dental specialists that employ cutting-edge technologies to address oral health issues. Our dentist in Montgomery, AL, is always committed to ensuring every patient visiting us has a welcoming, calm, and comfortable experience.

Our dental clinic near you prioritizes conservative and non-invasive treatments that preserve much of the teeth’s structure. Our dentist also provides invasive treatments when they are the only choice to address your dental concern. We provide advanced general dentistry based on your particular needs and goals.

Our General Dentistry Services

Consult our general dentist today to get started with your oral health care prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and education. Our services include:

Preventive Care

We offer preventive care aimed at stopping or preventing oral health issues from arising. Our preventive dental care can take care of issues before they become major problems. We offer dental cleanings, comprehensive exams, fluoride treatment, mouthguards, and sealants. We educate all our patients so that they know how to keep their oral hygiene in tip-top condition at home.

Restorative Care

Once you have developed dental concerns like cracks, fractures, decay, breaks, or cavities, you want a restorative procedure to re-establish the tooth’s health, function, strength, and appearance. Our dentist near you does dental white fillings, porcelain crowns, dental implants, and gum disease treatment. We also perform extractions when an infected tooth or crowded mouth seems to impact the other teeth’s health.

Emergency Care

It is impossible to say when emergencies will strike. However, it is prudent that you have a helping hand whenever they occur to stop the pain, bleeding, and other discomforts. We handle emergencies like toothaches, gum or teeth bleeding, abscesses, extreme tooth sensitivity, and knocked-out teeth.

Cosmetic Treatment

Your smile says much about you; we always want to elevate it so you can confidently show it off. Our assortment of cosmetic treatments serves to improve smile appearance, function, and health. Our general dentist near you offers in-office professional teeth whitening to make your teeth whiter and whiter. Our dentist also provides veneers to mask teeth imperfections like uneven shape, spacing issues, small fractures and chippings, and discolorations.


We provide braces and clear aligners to patients needing to align their teeth and jaws. Our dentist utilizes 3D technology and imaging solutions to get scans, pictures, and X-rays of the mouth structures. This information helps understand the positioning of the jaws and teeth, the nature of misalignment or malocclusion, and mapping out the treatment from start to finish.

We know oral health impacts your general health. Dr. Joseph E. Brown, III and his team at Forsyth Park Dental are ready to provide the personalized, quality dental care you deserve. Contact Forsyth Park Dental today to schedule an appointment with the best general dentist near you!

General Dentistry Services

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