Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation In Savannah, GA

At Forsyth Park Dental, we make your oral health journey to achieving a functional, healthy, and pleasant smile a rewarding one with our compassionate care. We offer full-mouth dental rehabilitation to patients who have several functional, aesthetic, and health concerns with their smiles. Our full mouth rehabilitation entails dental procedures performed progressively over several weeks or months to achieve your goals.

Our cutting-edge technology lets us capture detailed images of the teeth, jaw, muscles, and other mouth structures to establish the appropriate treatment course. Our full mouth reconstruction dentist in Montgomery, AL, will listen to your concerns and goals and work together to ensure we bring out a smile and bite that functions properly, is aesthetically appealing, and promotes your dental health.

Who Needs Full Mouth Rehabilitation

To establish if you require full dental rehabilitation, we look at several things:

  • Teeth – We inspect the teeth to see if decay, wear, cavities, and other damages or discolorations exist.
  • Gums – Our dentist checks the gums to establish if gum disease is present.
  • TMJ and Occlusion – An unbalanced bite can contribute to pain, headaches, wear of enamel, and other complications linked to temporomandibular joint disorder.
  • Esthetics – We examine teeth shape, size, color, proportion, and appearance concerning the gums, mouth, lips, face, and side profile.

Based on our identified concerns, we develop a complete treatment plan featuring several procedures that must be conducted successively, one after the other, until the desired results are achieved. Our dentist near you will determine your full mouth rehabilitation cost based on the number of procedures we are conducting and the required work.

Our Full Mouth Rehabilitation Procedures

Our dentist performing full mouth rehabilitation at our dental clinic near you will be able to establish the procedures you need for your particular case. Depending on your situation, the treatment is not uncommon to last 12 or more months. Procedures we conduct include:

  • Prophylactic teeth cleaning is intended to clear tartar, plaque, and bacteria responsible for gum disease, decay, and cavities
  • Crown lengthening is aimed at exposing healthy tooth structure for crown or bridge placement
  • Corrective or orthognathic surgery repositions the jaw and eliminates pain and other symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorders.
  • Gum contouring to bring about a balanced and harmonious smile
  • Reducing the tooth structure to allow crowns, veneers, and bridges to be placed. This treatment involves shaving down the enamel structure.
  • Placement of permanent restorations like veneers, crowns, inlays, onlays, tooth implants, and bridges.
  • Orthodontic braces shift teeth to optimal positions for proper bite function, oral health, and appearance.
  • Bone and soft tissue grafting helps improve the stability of dental implants and teeth and promotes oral health.

Talk to our team at Forsyth Park Dental to see how we can go about your full mouth rehabilitation process.

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